Sly as a Fox

“The fox is a wolf that sends flowers.”

Sometimes the best subject shows up where you least expect it!

We have had many animals visit our home over the years. Rabbits, deer, and more birds than I can count. I was, however, surprised when I looked out my window and saw this little orange bundle sun-bathing in my backyard.

At first I couldn’t figure out what it was, until he sat up for a nice scratch. I ran to get my camera to capture a shot of the little fella. I finally caught sight of the fox my neighbor’s had all been talking about for years.

IMG_8321 He seemed as curious about me as I did him. I crept forward to get a better shot, and we had something close to a staring contest.

I’ve seen Mr. Fox roaming about my neighborhood from time to time. Hopefully we’ll get a chance for another staring contest ;).

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