Howdy y’all. <— That’s me, embracing my inner southerner.

I thought I would share some more adventures from my trip to Texas with all of you! Meet Rojo, the rooster that knows he’s beautiful and tries to attack everything in sight.

I told you he was beautiful, and that’s exactly why I forgive him for trying to chase me down.

Thanks for Visiting

They love me! They really, really love me! Haha, thanks so much for clicking on my post. Be sure to stick around for more pictures of Texas that I will be uploading soon.

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One thought

  1. Yes, Roho is still the man…got quite a harem now. We’re getting 10-11 eggs a day. He protects the girls from chicken hawks. We had to modify his highness by cutting off his spurs…changed his attitude a little.


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