Surf’s Up

Yea you know what’s up, I’m here at the beach living it up. Haha… yea that was a lie. I’m home in Tennessee wishing I was at the beach.

I recently found these photos from back in April. I love taking candid photos, but sometimes I find it difficult to walk up to a complete stranger and ask them “Hey is it okay if I can take pictures of you simple trying to enjoy your day?”. Sounds like a weird thing to ask right?

Thankfully, this man was very nice and completely fine with me taking pictures! Also he completely ignored that I was even there which really made for some nice pictures :).

You go skim board surfer dude!

Thanks for Visiting

Yo! I’m so glad you’re here! You should totally check out my other posts to get tips on photography and traveling ;).

Let’s Chat

Are you hanging out on the beach today? Why don’t you go ahead and rub it in my face in the comments below.

Or maybe you too are wishing to enjoy the beach while siting inside at home with a million fans pointed at you. Comment below and we’ll start a very specific support group.

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